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The innovative OneWay Premium Piping bag is fast becoming the de facto product in the catering industry, due to it’s unique distinctive features delivering user comfort, reliability and stability.

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Unique Product Benefits

  • Cloth like grip for ease of use.
  • 3 layered lining, giving protection against puncture.
  • Double seal seam protecting against rupture.
  • Slick inside layer minimizing waste.
  • Second layer designed to keep the bag in shape.
  • Third layer giving additional strength ensuring all bags can be used.
  • All bags can be recycled.


“In my kitchen, a proper set-up is of the utmost importance. Especially when all tables are booked. As a chef, I have to delegate part of the work to my employees. Under high pressure, they only get one chance to do it right. The piping bags are never to blame, they are from One Way, so one hundred percent stable and reliable. ”

OneWay Customer

“Running a renowned pastry shop requires the utmost precision from everyone who works behind the scenes. I will not tell you any secrets about our recipes, but I can tell you about production. Especially when it comes to the razor-sharp lines on my creations. It takes two to tango, me and my One Way Comfort Sweetliner. A fixed recipe for a fantastic signature on each piece of art! ”

OneWay Customer

“The right piping bag immediately at hand with just a glance. Thanks to the perfect grip and the reliable quality of the piping bag, I work much faster. Moreover, I can be sure that the piping bag will never burst in my hand. With the different colours, I never use the wrong bag.”

OneWay Customer

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